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Alphabet Throw

By Hansel and Gretel · August 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

It is so exciting when your child recognises letters and numbers. Children are sponges and soak so much information and their memories are unbelievable, which can sometimes bite you on the backside. 

When I noticed that Tyler was taking a real interest in letters, I began to think about some 5 minute learning games that would encourage this curiosity and recognition of letters. It was important that I waited until Tyler was clearly interested and ready, otherwise it would mean nothing and he would only get frustrated.

One simple alphabet activity that stems back to when I was teaching 'Early Years', is quick, fun and easy.

All we need is 3 paper plates, 3 catching bean bags and a thick texta.

Firstly I choose 3 letters that are of interest to the child for example, 3 letters of their name or mum, dad, siblings name etc. Write a letter on each paper plate in large writing so they can see the letter from a distance.

Put these paper plates on the ground away from your child and hand them a bean bag. Call out one of the letters and they have to throw the bean bag on the correct letter or if they are more advanced say the sound of the letter or a word that begins/ends with that letter. You can do so much with activity for example use numbers, colours and or shapes.

It may only take 10 mins but it is not only great for letter recognition but also for their gross motor skills, aiming and throwing a bean bag. They are being stimulated by a hands on activity and learning at the same time (if only they knew).

You can play this with more than one child and make it a game. When your child becomes familiar with the letters, change them around add a new letter but remember to introduce the new letter prior to the activity so they won't be confused. Talk about what begins with that letter, find it in the newspaper, magazines etc.

Hope you have as much fun with this simple activity as we do. We play this activity every few days so it doesn't lose it's magic.





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